AvatarBuilder Review

And How to Monetize

Before you buy product online, especially buying AvatarBuilder. What you need to focus at first is not about to buy Avatar Builder and give it a test, then request refund, you should think about an idea to make money with the app. So, your investment is more likely to be cost-effective. In this post, i will show you the business opportunity, money making opportunity you can think of after using Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar’s product for a while.

1.Make Money by Video Spokeperson Agency/Video Review Agency

Trust me, this type of video is so engaging and i can assure with you that people would hire a freelance to do that job. Usually, a price for spokeperson video may vary depending on the brand awareness of the speaker, for Fiverr, price to charge per video can be $25. What if you can sell around 8 videos, which means you have $200 in revenue in daily basis, which is still a great business opportunity.

You can charge people higher price in case you create your own freelance marketplace, agency website. Usually, people may request you for a video review so they can upload into their salespage, sales copy, etc or even in their Facebook Ads video testimonial. You can charge people based on your video length because you won’t invest much time.

2.Make Money by Increasing Ad Conversion

If you make a sales page, salescopy, you must understand, social proof is the best way for you to get sales. This is because people only buy products if they see your transparancy and they see others are also buying. So, why don’t you embed a review video into your salespage and watch your conversion to grow a lot.

And when you make Facebook Ads, of course, you must create multiple Ad Set at the same time. So, the main Ad Set will be for Image Ads or Video Ads to grow view. And video review, video testimonial or video spokeperson will be used as a retargeting ads. Thanks to the trust and creditability, you have people and audiences to buy your advertised offer.

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